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The Buckeye State Challenge

Fri January 1 - Sun January 16

Mileage Questions

Q: Why is the Buckeye State Challenge 1,118.87 miles?
A: Well, 1118.87 miles is the distance of the borders of Ohio as calculated by the Ohio Department of Transportation TIMS Data re-projected to the State Plane HARN Coordinate System. What does that mean? It means this distance is crazy accurate! (Note, islands in Lake Erie not included!)

Q: Why is the Mini Buckeye State Challenge 250 miles?
A: There you are, standing in downtown Cincinnati when you decide you want to go corner to corner and head to Cleveland! Well, from downtown Cinci to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (with a pit stop at the state capitol in Columbus obviously) is 250 miles! Talk about a shortcut! While the 71 isn't always the most exciting freeway, it is direct and makes getting between the 3 C's super fast!

Q: Do I have to run 3.06 (or 6.12 for the Double or Nothin') miles each day, or can I break it up and run more on the weekends?
A: We're not here to write your running, walking, cycling, canoeing, etc schedule. Collect the miles as you please, log them, and as long as you hit 1,118.87 miles (or 2,237.74 for the folks makin' the loop twice) by January 1st, 2022 you're good to go!

Q: What modes of transportation are allowed?
A: Any, with two catches! One, nothing that is not powered by your own body! Two, there are three categories; run/walk, cycling, and anything goes. If you signup for run/walk, you can only run or walk to get your miles. Cyclists, you can only bike. If you choose the last category however, you can choose whichever self-powered method you'd like!

Q: Do I need a GPS watch/tracker, or Strava? Will I need to show my watch or device for proof of running?
A: You can use one if you wish but it's not required. Strava has a free app and you can join our club to join others to track the progress of everyone and keep everyone motivated.

Q: Do treadmill miles count? What about Trail miles?
A: Treadmiles or trails, roads or tracks, hilly or flat, rain or shine, miles are miles! All miles count!

Q: I'm running in another race during the same period as the Buckeye Challenge, can I count those miles towards the challenge?
A: We'll allow it.

Q: Can I backdate my mileage?
A: Yes. We understand people may have not signed up before January 1st. You can backdate any miles back to January 1st, please be honest!

Q: Which miles/kilometers count?
A: So yea, we can't be watching over you every step of your day but here's how we feel about miles/KMs that count.

If you're going out to exercise, those count. If you go out to run, count'em. You hit the treadmill, count'em. You're at Hartfield-Jackson and have to get from Terminal A to Terminal E...don't count those and next time choose a flight with a less inconvenient layover in Atlanta. So maybe disregard the fitbit that takes count of every motion you make and just count what you're focused on doing when you go for a workout. One exception, you can count mowing the yard, some of y'all have big yards and pushing a mower is hard work, you're welcome.

Q: How will I report my miles?
A: Refer to the "Tracking Mileage" section for full details.

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