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The Buckeye State Challenge

Fri January 1 - Sun January 16

Tips for Success

1,118.87 miles is a lot of mileage. Sure there are those who crank out 50 miles a week or even those who do 100 mile weeks, but for most of us, running over 20 miles a week for a year straight is a lot. With that in mind, here's some tips to get you to the end of this journey in better shape than you started and be healthy!

  • Consistency - Improving as a walker or running is fundamentally built around being consistent. Making running/walking a daily habit is integral to your success. We absolutely encourage days off, they're part of the healing and growing process. However don't take too much time off and then try to do too much to catch back up, that's how you get injured!

  • Sustainability - Increase your mileage slowly! Knowing you need to average 3.06 miles might tempt you to start that way right from the beginning but that's absolutely not necessary. The reality is most runners and walkers can safely add 10% to their volume per week safely without risking injury. As your volume grows this number needs to be reduced slightly. But let's take a loot at an example of how you can successfully average over 3.06 miles a day sustainably.
    • Week 1 - 5x 2 Mile walks and a 3M walk on the 6th day, day 7 off. 13 miles total.
    • Week 2 - 4x 2 mile walks, 1x 3M walk, 1x 4M walk, day 7 off. 15 miles total.
    • Week 3 - 2x 2 mile walks, 3x 3M walks, 1x 4M walk, day 7 off. 17 miles total.
    • Week 4 - 5x 3 mile walks, 1x 5 mile walk, day 7 off. 20 miles total.
    • As you can see, within just 4 weeks you would almost be right at the required average distance. Then as the year progresses you'd probably have many 25, 30, even 35 mile weeks which would easily allow for off days and to make up distance. Build sustainably and you will succeed!

  • Well rounded - Sleep, rest, hydration, and nutrition are just as important as the training. They are truly integral parts of training so hydrate, get good rest, take days off, eat well, and always get good sleep!

  • Support Network - Run/walk with friends! It is truly incredible how motivating it can be to be around peers with like-minded goals. They help drive us and we push one another to be better. Surround yourself by other people who will lift you up and push you forward!

  • Ask for Help - Don't be afraid to ask for help when you're unsure of what to do. Looking at new running shoes? Want to try a gel for the first time on a long run? Not sure how to continue to structure your training plan? That's why we have a great community on Facebook and Strava. Let our community be a resource to help you on the journey!

  • Believe - Lastly, believe in yourself. Never underestimate the power of a positive mindset. We can be our own worst enemies sometimes, but when we believe in ourselves, the human potential is unlimited, you've got this!

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